Milton Campbell

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Brokin nglish is Milton Campbell typically... and friends when apt for larger provisions. I am a multidisciplinary creative in graphic design/art-direction in the professional field of design since 2001 and independently in operation since 2007. A firm believer in the power of design as a way of life that can inspire, influence, even change the perception and/or condition of those who engage it. Whether working with a large brand, agency, small business or for arts sake and/or PSA, design and it’s various forms of communication is our vehicle to solve problems and convey thought effectively. To quote the late Paul Rand "Everything is design, Everything".  I've found this to be true as I've had a symbiotic relationship with audio and visuals since my youth, forging my love for the intersections of music and typography, layout, photography, illustration, collage, abstraction, minimalism and on. Each discipline has had great influence on the work we create.

My network, largely based in the Arts & Culture sector, has brought opportunities to work alongside amazing teams, photographers, animators and collaborations with clients such as Nike, adidas America, Red Bull, SeaTac International Airport, Roundhouse Agency, Humble Beast Records, Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute and Ubiquity Records. Each clients needs have been instrumental in forging my skills in concept development, art-direction, gig posters, motion-graphics, info-graphics, campaign strategy, branding, social media activation and user experience. I believe in the power of mentorship and encouraging creatives to intentionally teach and inspire one another. I believe that collaboration between myself and team (when larger projects call) and my clients are paramount to effective solutions with creative distinction from ideation to execution.

Thanks for your consideration. Let’s go to work!